Salsa with Senora and Jig

Want to learn Salsa or Bachata?! You’ve come to the right place!
Dance! It's the best way for new friends and fun!

Schedule changes

July session starts 7/8/2024

August session starts 8/5/24

 7/31/24 - Salsa 3 and Salsa 1 cancelled.
8/3/24 - Salsa 3 & Salsa 1 makeup class on Saturday at 11 am & 12pm.
See the "Calendar" on the website. 


Welcome! Bienvenido!

Group Salsa and Bachata classes 7 & 8pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays at La Rumba Denver's Premiere Latin Nightclub! 99 W. 9th Ave. Denver, CO 80204. 
No pre-registration. $15/person/class. New sessions start every month. 

Looking to save some money?! 
Purchase a 3 month 10 class punch card or unlimited pass on this website.

See below for class descriptions, schedule, punch cards and unlimited pass  policies. 

Bring a friend!! During the 3 months your punch card or pass is valid, bring
a friend to class for FREE one time. Plus $15 discount on your next punch card
pass if your friend buys a punch card or pass that night.

Private lessons
are available for partners, individuals and small groups in NW Denver. $85/hour + $25/hour for each additional couple.
Call/text 303-517-5043 to schedule.  


Looking forward to seeing YOU in class!!

We have the best group classes - beginners to advanced or private lessons to get you started in Salsa, Bachata or other latin dances. Wedding or special event?
Let us help make your day special! We are also available for school workshops, parties, corporate, private events or coaching for competition.

Join us on the 2nd Saturday of the month! Next event 7/13/24.
8p-1:30am "Get Your Sexy On" - Salsa Social @ La Rumba Class, open dancing, live bands play the 2nd Sat. of the month. $15 for class and cover charge.
FREE ADMISSION to La Rumba on the 2nd Sat. for our students with current punch card or pass!

Meet new friends! 
Dance and m
ake real connections. 

Singles, stop swiping left and right and start using your right and left!
Couples, share a new activity!
Come get into the mix and have fun learning a new skill!


Upcoming Events

event of the summer!!
Grab your friends/family - there's something for everyone!
City Park Jazz  17th & York  at the pavilion.
Sundays 6-8pm 6/2 - 8/4/2024. Rain or shine.
Get ready to dance or chill with your friends.
Latin, Blues, Soul, Big Band and more.

Bring a blanket and your appetite - you've got to try the food trucks. for complete schedule.
See you there!

"Rockabilly Bash" at La Rumba on the last Wed. of each month. for details.

Check out 
For events, festivals and music thru out the year!


Open bar at La Rumba 9pm -1:30am Thursday thru Sunday 

with dance classes at 7&8pm before the bar opens.
 Visit for details.
Great drinks and delicious food truck!
 Please support them as they continue to support the dance community.

We are continuing to monitor COVID/FLU and other public health updates.
 Stay safe and healthy and we look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!


With occasional bad weather or unforeseen circumstances, any class cancellations will be posted on this website as soon as possible.
Please use good judgment when coming to class in poor weather conditions.

We reserve the right to cancel any classes for less than 5 students.

"Dance - the vertical expression of a horizontal desire."
Shared joy is double joy so, share the gift of dance with someone special.

Check out other dance and music events below! 


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"Social dance is a gift to yourself to share with others for a lifetime." 
Come join others who share your enthusiasm for dance, music and fun!!

July session 7/8/24

La Rumba
99 W. 9th Ave. (Acoma & 9th Ave.) Denver,CO 80204. 

No pre-registration. Join us anytime. Drop-ins welcomed in all classes.
Please come 5-15 min early to pay for class.
Partners are recommended, not required. Bring a friend!
Monthly progressive series of classes on Mon.,  Tues. & Wed.
Best for continuity if you can start at the beginning of the sessions.
New material taught every month in Salsa 2 & 3.

These classes present the fundamentals of Salsa and Bachata. No experience necessary.
7p Salsa 1- Beginners 
8p Bachata 1 - Beginners    

Need to have 4-8 weeks of Salsa 1 and/or Bachata 1 before joining Salsa 2 or Bachata 2.
7p Salsa 2- Intermediate 
A class presenting the essential passes to become an intermediate dancer.
Must know cross-body-lead, walk-thru & Salsa basic footwork.
8p Bachata 2- Intermediate
Must know Bachata basic footwork and partnering

Wed. 6:15p - 45 min rehearsal for performance before Salsa 3. 
Students attending Salsa 3 are invited to learn and perform the material presented in class to improve styling and technique

Should have 8-12 weeks of Salsa 2 or have at least 3 months of Salsa dance experience.
 Salsa 3-Int./Adv. & a few cool moves!
A class for the intermediate dancer who wants to step up their game.
 More complex patterns, turns, footwork and stying presented in this class.
8p Salsa 1 - Beginners

No classes the last Wed. of the month. Salsa 3 & Salsa 1 make up class will meet on Saturday at 11am & 12pm the last week of the month. See the "Calendar".


8pm - 1:30 am"Get Your Sexy On" - Salsa Social 
Join us on the 2nd Saturday of each month for class, open dancing and live music!
It's Saturday night, time to get out and have some fun! No experience necessary.
This is a night to learn some new dance moves, meet new friends or practice what you've learned in
our other classes. Great class for beginners so, grab your friends and let's party!
FREE for students of our classes at La Rumba with a current punch card or pass.
Any additional guest must pay $15 for class and cover charge.
Open dancing after class until 1:30am. 21+. Dress to impress!
Dress code enforced. for more info.
Look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!!


$15/class/person. Cash or credit.
Punch card - $100/10 classes/person/3 months 
Unlimited class pass - $150/person /3 months 
Private Lessons - $85/hour/single or couple + $25 for each additional couple

FREE admission to La Rumba 2nd Sat. of each month for students with current punch card or pass.
Students with a current punch card or pass can also bring a friend for FREE one time to a class they attend during the 3 months the punch card or pass is valid. 
$15 discount on your next punch card or pass if your friend buys a punch card or pass that night!

Punch Cards & Unlimited Passes 

For Mon., Tues., Wed., & 2nd Sat. classes only.
Cannot be
used on club nights Thurs. -  Sun. except on the 2nd Sat. of each month.
Valid for 3 months from date of purchase at La Rumba or when an online purchase is picked up at
La Rumba. Punch cards and Passes can be bought on this website or from us at La Rumba.
If purchased on the website please come to our class at La Rumba to get your card or pass.
Must be picked up within 3 months of online purchase. Void after 3 months. 

Use it or lose it!!!

Passes and punch cards are for individuals only. Cannot be shared, non-transferable, no refunds.
No extensions on punch cards/passes expiration dates.
No extensions for classes cancelled by La Rumba or national holidays.
All sales are final.


Private lessons
are available for partners, individuals and small groups. 
$85/hour + $25/hour for each additional couple (max of 4 couples).
Schedule with either Jig or Senora. 
ust be scheduled within 3 months of online purchase.
Void after 3 months.
Call/text 303-517-5043 to schedule. 
Held near I-70 & Lowell Blvd. 

Classes are progressive building on the material presented each week.
New patterns and shines (footwork) each month but, feel free to join any time that works with your schedule. 

Salsa and Bachata
are partner dances and the only way to really learn partner dancing is to dance with a partner! You do not have to have a partner to attend classes but, we encourage you to bring a friend if possible. Partners do not have to rotate if they don't want to. Students who want to, can rotate with others so everyone has chance to dance. Changing partners is one of the best ways to help improve your leading or following skills. Come to La Rumba on club nights Thurs. - Sun. to practice the skills you learn in class!

Looking for a dance partner? Please use your social media to reach out to friends, family, co-workers to find a dance partner.  Join any of our Meetup groups "The Denver Beginners Only - Salsa Dance Group", "Get Your Sexy On -Salsa Social" or " Salsa/Bachata for Zumba Lovers". Post on the "Discussions" page to search for a dance partner. Also try Dating apps.                                                   

1. Partners are encouraged but, not required.  Partners can be any 2 people who want to dance together. 

2. Masks are optional in class.

3. All sales are final. These classes are non-refundable, non-transferable and can not be shared.
No extensions on expiration dates of punch cards or unlimited passes.

4. If you are not feeling healthy on any particular evening, please do not attend that class.

Challenge yourself!

Performance is a great way to improve technique, styling and reenforce the material presented in class. Students in Salsa 2 & 3 and Bachata 2 are welcome to perform to sharpen their skills. Students must attend those classes to learn the choreography that will be performed and have their own partner to work with. Must know cross-body-lead, walk-thru & basic Salsa footwork.  Rehearsals once a week.
Interested?! Come to Salsa 2, Bachata 2 or Salsa 3. 
We are grateful and thankful for the support and enthusiasm of all of our students and look forward to seeing you in class soon!!

Welcome to Salsa with Senora and Jig

One of our many student performance groups - Bachata 2 Student Performance Group at La Rumba Nightclub 03/15/2023.

This could be you!!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to pre-register?

There is no pre-registration. We accept cash, check or credit cards or pay thru PayPal on our website.

2. Who teaches the classes?

Jig and Senora teach every group class as a pair. This partnership method of teaching enables instruction of both the leader and follower roles.

3. How long will it take for me to learn Salsa or Bachata?

People learn at different rates. 4 - 8 weeks of beginning level classes are recommended for a good foundation in the basic steps. Repetition is important for acquiring the muscle memory needed for dancing.

It is important
to master the technique and elements presented in each level before moving to the next level.  Students are encouraged to repeat classes as needed to reenforce the material taught in class. Learning to dance requires commitment, consistency and practice. 

Make practice fun - grab your friends put some music on and dance! Please speak to us if you have questions about what class you should be in or if you are ready to move to a more advanced level. To be a good leader or follower it's important to dance with lots of different leaders or followers to improve your skills so, come to La Rumba on club nights to practice and reenforce what you learn in class!

4. Do I need a partner?

Partners are encouraged. We're aware that it may not be possible to bring a partner so, we always rotate students who come alone so everyone has a chance to dance.
We discourage changing partners unless vaccinated for Covid/Flu. Partners can be any 2 people who want to dance together.

5. What should I wear to Salsa or Bachata class?

We suggest casual clothes, and shoes that will stay on and can slide easily for turns (no flip-flops or other backless shoes). Sneakers are ok if they don't grip the floor too much. Masks are optional for class.

If you are coming to La Rumba on a club night "dress to impress". La Rumba does have a dress code - visit for details. Please be aware that good hygiene is important when coming in close contact with others. 

6. How much are private lessons?

Private lessons are available for more personalized instruction with either Jig or Senora. Private lessons are $85/hour + $25/hour for each additional couple.
For partners, individuals and small groups in NW Denver (near I-70 & Lowell Blvd.)  Contact us at 303-517-5043 to schedule.

7. On “1” or “2”??

Dancing on “1” or “2” refers to when your feet separate either on the first count or the second count of the musical phrase. We teach on “1” because it is the easiest for people to identify when listening to music and also it is the way the majority of people dance Salsa in Denver. Private lessons are available if you would like to learn to dance Salsa on “2”.

8. Punch  Card or
Unlimited Pass?

If you plan on attending 1 class a week a punch cards is a good economical choice. ($100/10 classes/3 months).

An unlimited pass is a better value for those attending 2 or more classes/ week. 
($150/unlimited classes/3 months)

Punch cards and unlimited passes are only valid for our classes on Mon., Tues. and Wed. and the 2nd Sat. of each month for free admission to La Rumba.

Is that all there is?

Our Dance Team is on hold at present but, we have performance opportunities for our Bachata 2 and Salsa 2 & 3 students.
Open bar and DJ at La Rumba 9p- 1am
Thursday - Sunday. +21.  

Saturday 8p "Get Your Sexy On"- Salsa Social!.
2nd Sat. of each month. $15. Students with a current punch card or pass admitted for FREE on the 2nd Sat. of the month. Must show card at the door.

It's Saturday night, time to get out and have some fun! Bands play the 2nd Sat. of the month. Great class for beginners so, grab your friends and let's party!


Our student performance group performing at La Rumba Nightclub 01/15/2020!

Classes at La Rumba


$15/class/person. Cash or credit.
Punch card -$100/10 classes/person.
Unlimited class pass - $150/person.

Punch cards & passes are valid for 3 months from date of purchase and can be bought on the website or from us at La Rumba.
If purchased on the website please come to our class at La Rumba to get your card or pass. Must be picked up within 3 months of  online purchase.
Void after 3 months.
Passes and punch cards cannot be shared, non-transferable, no refunds.
No extensions on expiration dates.

All sales are final. 
No pre-registration. Please bring a copy of your receipt if purchased on the website (printed or on your phone) to receive your pass or punch card.

admission to La Rumba 2nd Sat. of each month for students with current punch card or unlimited pass.
Students with a current punch card or pass can also bring a friend for FREE one time to a class they attend during the 3 months the punch card or pass is valid.

Private Lessons


Private lessons $85/hour + $25/hour for each additional couple.
Can be scheduled with Jig or Senora.
For partners, individuals or small groups.
If purchased online must schedule within 3 months of purchase. All sales are final.  
Void after 3 months.
Call/text 303-517-5043 to schedule.

Class prices 


Another of our many student performance groups Luna Azul at the 2010 Salsa Central Denver Summer Student Showcase.

Events- Please check with specific locations for their schedules and policies.

Salsa/Bachata and other dance events -  
Visit our Facebook page - Salsa with Senora and Jig.
Check it out!

Open bar at La Rumba 9pm Thurs. - Sun.
8pm - All levels dance classes before the club opens. for details. 21+.
Voted “Best Latin Dance Nightclub” - Westword 2019.
Dress code enforced.

St. Julien Hotel - Boulder, CO. Fridays. 

The Bar at Plaza 38

Raices Brewing Company

The Stampede Club in Aurora, Colorado

Levitt Pavilion Denver

Free Events and Concerts in Denver | VISIT DENVER

KUVO JAZZ  - 89.3 FM the best in Jazz, Latin & Blues
music! for upcoming music events


Our Student Performance group Luna Azul at 2012 Salsa Central Denver Winter Student Showcase.


Our latest and best photos

We love to take pictures and show them to the world.


Our student performance group Luna Azul performing at the 2011 Rocky Mountain Salsa Festival.


4/30/24 We really enjoy your classes and getting back into salsa !

Comment on Square

5/14/24 Appreciate your going over the moves slowly and explaining them in different ways, pointing out feet/hands/direction and pace of movements - all helpful! Thanks!

Comment on Square

4/12/2017 La Rumba is the spot to learn salsa. After returning from Colombia, I wanted to learn salsa dancing. A friend suggested this spot and I'm glad I came out. Jig and Senora teach the lessons. Very reasonably priced I recommend you buy a 3 month package for unlimited classes and come at least 2 times per week to learn. I felt comfortable with the pace and instruction. Check out YouTube if your coming before your first class, it helps a lot!! On Thurs through Sun the club goes wild. People are pretty good dancers in general and it can get a bit crowded. I'll have more to say as I improve. If you're at all interested in learning salsa or want a place to come out, stop by la rumba and check it out.

Jarrett B. Boulder, CO 

2/17/2017 My favorite place to Latin dance in Denver - there are really great lessons every day of the week, and the atmosphere is fun and there are lots and lots of dance partners for all abilities. We also appreciate the nightly drink specials - we always tend to go on Thursdays for $3 Paloma's (yay tequila!) but we love Fri & Sat too. If you are looking for more serious lessons, M-W with Jig and Senora (when the club is closed) is definitely the way to go...I'm much more comfy with salsa & bachata as a result of taking their classes.

Jennifer B. Denver, CO

1/16/2021 Always a great time! Music on point, not overly crowded where you can still dance and show off! If you love to dance this is where you want to be.

Maria L. Five Points Denver.CO

6/3/2017 This was fun! I had an evening free during a recent business trip and came here for a salsa lesson and open dancing one Saturday night. Reasonable fee of $10, both instructors were warm and wonderful! And plenty of people to dance with and as usual more gals then guys and the instructors, Jig & Senora Gillespie were simply wonderful, warm friendly and great instructors! I really liked how Jig emphasized that even though there were more women, that they should learn to follow and not lead since it is then confusing when going back and forth. This is an always tough situation when there are not enough guys. So Jig kept recruiting from many guys who were standing and not dancing.

Stephanie S. Los Angeles, CA

5/4/2019 I really liked this place. I came here to dance salsa and had a good time. I like the fact that they have a dress code because I do not want to dance with a man who has on a baseball cap, sweats and/ flip flops. Anyone who's complaining about the dress code is a sucia/ sucio. Take your ass to a dirty bar if you are worried about a dress code. This is salsa and bachata. Like really, anyone who has ever gone to an official Sala/ Latin club knows what's up. I wonder if the people complaining have ever been to a Latin club before... probably not. Presentation is everything when it comes to a Salsa/ Latin club and I hope that the owner(s) do not dumb it down for the classless people who complain about everything. Come correct or don't come at all. The drinks weren't watered down at all. I liked the mixes from Oscar D'Leon to Romero Santos. The guys weren't pushy when it came to asking a woman to dance. The entire vibe was nice. I chatted with some nice people. Met Latin folks from the Caribbean as well which is always fun! The entry fee isn't too bad. The location is convenient. Last time I was here there were people from all races and ethnicities dancing the night away. I really enjoyed myself. You can arrive early and learn the basics to dancing. It's been a while since I've danced salsa and bachata but I was able to pick up the pace very quickly once the beat dropped. I wonder if they wouldn't mind playing Kizomba music (since it's not too far off from bachata)? I'm happy that this place exists because it's very rare to find salsa clubs I recommend this place to anyone looking to unwind to come good ole salsa and bachata.

Xameela P.  East,Denver,CO